Araki was born to, well, no one really knows. All that anyone is sure of is that at some point before her first birthday she was left on the steps of an orphanage. Maybe her parents couldn’t care for her, or perhaps they died in a tragic accident. Or perhaps it had more to do with the large horns coming out of her head and the tail from her back. Still, part of the orphanage’s mission was to take care of all who they were charged with, even one as undesirable as a tiefling.

Throughout her childhood Araki was the victim of taunts and teasing from the other orphans, and was never given a second glance by anyone visiting. The caretakers there attempted to keep the peace, but between the other orphans, and increasing pressure from the townsfolk there was little they could do. Eventually, around the start of her 7th year of abandonment, Araki ran away. Far from the orphanage, out of the city a distance away from anyone who ever knew her.

Into the wilds Araki ran, not knowing where she was going or how she would survive. Cold, alone and having not eaten for days, she believed this would be it, as she heard the wolves surround her. A deep growl, a flash of light and it was all over. Or she thought. When she opened her eyes, she was no longer in a pile of leaves, but in the soft embrace of a thick mattress covered by a smooth blanket. The wolves were gone, and she found herself in the court of a powerful fey who made her a very attractive offer; serve the fey lord and in turn get the power to make a difference in the world.

After nearly a decade of studying with her new fey master, Araki left the forest with her pet mouse Minsc along with her. Her fey lord had instructed her to listen to Minsc, and if he would need her services, the mouse would let her know. For months she travelled on the road until she came to a city. Unwanted glares were cast upon her, treating her every movement with suspicion. Eventually she was able to gather the money to start a new orphanage, through either begging or “borrowing”. Part of the policy of her new orphanage was to take in every child who was left to them, regardless of what race they were, and to treat them all with respect and dignity. Several times she came to blows with some of the smaller minded folk in defense of her charges.

Araki works every day in order to provide for the orphanage, sometimes guiding travelers around the town, other times locating “lost” gold. When she heard word of the tournament of the Gods and the payout it promised, she had to attend.


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