A strong sturdy cleric, Thamiar stands at a respectable 4’3", short for a mountain dwarf but still weighing in at a hardy 148 lbs. A quick look at this scale mail cladden dwarf will reveal a hefty axe and a hammer on his belt and a shield on his back enscribed with his family crest. Around his neck hangs the anvil and hammer, symbol of Moradin, god and creator of all dwarves.


Thamiar was born to the Ringhammer family, a traditional family of dwarven blacksmiths. Throughout his youth he spent more than his share of time laboring over the forge of his ancestors, but wanted something different out of life. He left his family to join the dwarven army just as an invading horde of orcs began attacking nearby settlements.

After serving as the quartermaster for his battalion for a few years, he was getting tired of sitting on the sidelines. One night while sleeping, Thamiar had a dream about a swarm of skeletons fighting along side of the orcs, with his entire battalion becoming slaughtered. The next morning, he made sure that every dwarf he could was equipped with whatever he could find in order to skeletons to dust. When the attack came the next day, the newly equipped dwarves proved victorious against the orcs and skeletons, and boasted of how their quartermaster saved the day.

After that war had ended, Thamiar travelled to the temple of Moradin to talk to one of the priests about his dream. The acolytes there convinced him that his dream had in fact been a vision sent to him by Moradin himself, and that Thamiar was indeed meant for greater things. He spent the next few years in the temple studying with the priests.

A time went by, and war broke out again. This time instead of the orcs attacking on the surface, an army led by an unknown drow house attacked Thamiar’s home city underground. Heeding the call to arms, he returned to the city to take his part in the defense. Unsatisfied with being the mere quartermaster he was before, he took his axe and his hammer and lead a squad of dwarves in a counterattack against a numerically superior force far into enemy territory, where they were ambushed by a collection of fearsome driders. Using his new training from the temple, Thamiar was able to harness the power of the tempest and save his squad. Even to this day he is unable to see a spider without a chill running down his spine.

With the drow attack thwarted, Thamiar helped to rebuild his city until he felt the call of the road again and took to adventuring with his axe and hammer on his belt, a shield on his back and the tempest storm in his heart.


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