Taller than the typical scholar, Toland stands at around 6’4". His hair is short and black and he has a piercing, discerning gaze. He wears basic leather armor, out of necessity only, over a dark cloak. Usually he arms himself with only a staff and his magic. The nightmares and mind-rending visions he has suffered since communing with the Great Old One left both a mental and physical toll. Toland’s eyes are a gold color, atypical for a human’s eyes, and the flesh of his eye sockets has darkened severely. Despite being tall, well-built, and physical healthy from a lifetime of farming, Toland always seems to be exhausted, for his nature is diametrically opposed to the nature of his patron.


Initially a farmer from the small town of Eveningstar, Toland’s farm was attacked and burned to the ground by a group of well-funded and well-equipped strangers. His wife and three children died in the attack. Toland would have died himself if not for the aid of a group of adventuring mercenaries. Arming himself with a foresting axe he helped his new allies push back the invaders.
After giving the adventures what few possessions that had survived the fire, Toland set out to start a new life. Initially embittered, he sought out new skills, knowledge, and tools that would help him find revenge on the strangers who murdered his family. After tussling with one of the strangers he was mortally wounded and made a pact with an unknown entity for the sake of survival.
In the time since communing with this entity he has gained strange powers and alien secrets. Though these powers were gained at a cost. Using these abilities, and showing a natural aptitude in multiple fields of academia, Toland was able to gain admittance to a prominent University in Gheldaneth. Toland has learned much in the 10 years since his farm burned. Though his bitter anger has long since faded, he still remembers the strangers who destroyed his life.


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